Interoperability to the DeFi Ecosystem and connecting to real world

- Delphi Chain Link (DCL) DeFi -

Delphi Chain Link DeFi Plataform asset DCL (Utility Token) acts as bridge between Tron/BEP20 and other digital assets and real-world assets through an Android app while allowing holders to earn interest completely on-chain transaction.

Delphi Chain Link Defi Ecosystem has several essential and complementary components that work together to generate income and provide transparent real-world backing for any digital asset.

Earn Interest
Deposit your preferred into Earn Interest to start accruing interest daily to grow your crypto assets without any effort.

DCL App Swap is the most intuitive way to swap TRC tokens with the best price by splitting the order across DEX with high liquidity.

Low Fees
Very low fees for transaction. Cryptocurrencies involve peer-to-peer transactions, meaning they eliminate brokerage or middleman fees.

No Risk
Don’t lose your mind checking all the rates on different DeFi protocols and DEXes, Let DCL App do the dirty work and save your time.

DCL is completed multiple and incremental security audits. All crypto assets are stored on cold multi-signature wallets with distributed key storage.

– Our Objectives and Targets –

Interoperability between platforms in the DeFi ecosystem

Through our application it is possible to connect with different platforms and make exchanges between platforms

Integration between the real world and digital assests in a simple, cheap and agile way through the TRC10 and BEP20 protocol

Through our application using security and reliable protocols, together with the TRC10 and BEP20 platform.

– Why TRC10 token and BINANCE Smart Chain (BEP20)? –

We believe that the high rates practiced on other platforms end up making the DeFi ecosystem unfeasible, so we chose the TRC10 e BEP20 platform where the rates are cheaper and consistent with our purpose.

– What is the product? –

Integration, Interoperability and Exchanges. All of these points are part of our product that had an interface through an APP (Android) and that used our utility token within the platform

– Supply less than 1 billion? –

We are concerned with the value that our architecture and platform can offer users, so compared to other projects our suply is significantly less.

- Current circulating supply (TRON blockchain + BINANCE Smart Chain) : 900,000,000 Millions DCL coin

- Maximum circulating supply over all blockchains : 990,000,000 Millions DCL coin.

- TRON Platform: 800 Millions -

- BEP20 Platform: 100 Millions -

- Exchanges -

– Roadmap –

– DCL Platform –

Stake your token on the DCL Platform.

Do you own a token / coin project? And would you like your investors and users to earn interest when saving your token? You can staking your token on our platform. See more details here